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Haynes Farms bulls are top-quality producers that can serve as money makers for purebred and commercial cattlemen alike. Our herd stems from strong bloodlines and elite genetics are sought after in the industry.

We believe in a balanced approach to breeding cattle and not chasing extremes in either direction for a single trait. Our bulls are gentle and structurally sound, producing low birth weight calves. For more information on bulls contact us today!



Registration Number: 44337771
Date of Birth: January 24, 2022
Sire: HH DOMINO 9515 ET

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DH Advance 907F ET

Registration Number: 43995903
Date of Birth: January 6, 2019
Sire: DH Advance 736
Dam: DH Dominette 4183
Semen: $40/straw • 10 unit minimum • Non-Cerificate AI Sire 

907 was purchased as one of the top selling bulls in the 2020 Debter Hereford Farm Bull Sale. He is sired by Debter’s 736 bull and out of possibly the best cow to walk their pastures in 4183. 4183 is still in production at 16 years old and resides in Montana at Holden Herefords.

907 is loaded with performance as he was the youngest bull in the sale, but out weighed everything there by 150 lbs. He is a super thick, structurally sound and super dispositioned bull that will add longevity to a cowherd.

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Registration Number: 43991688
Date of Birth: September 7, 2018
Sire: HH Advance 6006D ET
Dam: FS Miss Advance 521C
Semen: $40/straw • 10 unit minimum • Certificates/$35 

Purchased as the $23,000 top selling bull from Flying S Herefords production sale in 2020. 8051 is a big hipped, deep sided, big topped, super fronted, smooth moving bull that is loaded with eye appeal.

His dam is a top producing HH Advance 3297A daughter that has a tremendous performance record that earned her way to Flying S donor pen. The first calves born have come with modest BW and have that same eye appeal. His daughters look to be tremendous females at this point.

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Ellingson Foundation 1050

Registration Number: 20136700
Date of Birth: February 15, 2021
Sire: Ellingson Profound 8155
Dam: EA Emblynette 7480

Foundation was our $25,000 selection from the 2022 Ellingson Angus Sale. He is built like a true herd bull with the look that never goes out of style. He is a 6 frame bull with massive muscle expression and base width. Foundation’s Pathfinder donor dam has an impressive nursing ratio 3/109 and a yearling ratio of 2/109 and has settled to first-service AI every year. Chad Ellingson describes her as “One of the easiest keeping cows on the ranch, yet one of the most productive.” Along with his fertile dam, Foundation stands on some of the best feet that can be found in the Angus breed today. His Claw and Angle EPD’S are well within the top 1% of the breed. His Muscle expression, Base width, Fertility, and Foot Quality makes for a True FOUNDATION.

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Bartels Concourse 3016 758

Registration Number: 19027111
Date of Birth: February 19, 2017
Sire: S A V Resource 1441
Dam: Bartels Elisha Jo 3809 3016

Concourse has as much mass, muscle, and dimension as you can put into an Angus bull. Concourse is a super sound, fluid moving, slick haired bull with a super disposition.

He can flat cover some cows during breeding season. His daughters are making super mothers with excellent udder quality. His sons are some of the first to sale come sale time.

Sired by Resource and out of a Pathfinder dam that comes from the same cow family as Connealy Lead On, Concourse will have a lasting impression on the cowherd.

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