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We are a 5th generation family-owned and operated cattle farm located in North Central Alabama. Our registered Angus, Registered Line One Hereford, and commercial cattle are raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Haynes Farms was founded in 1912 and while a lot has changed since then the love of the land and passion for high-quality cattle has remained the same.

At Haynes Farms we believe in a balanced approach to breeding cattle and not chasing extremes in either direction for a single trait. Breeding decisions are based upon building longevity and capitalizing on fertility. Our genetics focus on key traits that guarantee cattle will perform for our customers: sound feet, well-built udders, calm disposition, muscle definition, and eye appeal.

We concentrate on raising the best females possible at Haynes Farms. We believe that a great cow raises great bulls, which adds to the commercial cattlemen’s bottom dollar.

Commitment, honesty, and integrity are the key components of Haynes Farms. We work to satisfy our customers and we stand behind our cattle 100%. Come visit the farm, look at the cattle, and see the difference between Haynes Farms.

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Commitment. Honesty. Integrity.


A special thank you to Randall Upchurch of Upchurch Brothers for the purchase of 920 as the top selling bred heifer at the 2021 Alabama Spring Association Sale. Be on the lookout for future opportunities to purchase maternal sibs.

Starting in September, we will have 2-year-old registered Angus and registered Line One Hereford bulls, along with black baldy heifers. Check back here for more updates coming soon!

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Coming 2 year old Registered Angus and Registered Line One Hereford bulls available starting in Mid-September along with bred black baldy heifers. Be on the lookout for updates.

We make no excuses for our cattle – if they do not perform, they do not stay at the farm. For example, our dams must slick off quickly and wean a high percentage of their body weight. This stance increases the odds our cattle will perform for our customers.

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An Impression daughter that will be a Sale highlight. 609 epitomizes the definition of an Angus female in terms of her phenotype, fertility, udder quality, and disposition. 609 has settled to first service AI every year of her production career and produced an average of 24 transferrable embryos on 6 conventional flushes. 609 produced the champion and high selling bred heifer of the 2021 Spring Sale going to Upchurch Bros. She has also produced over $40,000 in bull progeny sales this past year alone. Her Exclusive heifer by her side will be a front pasture female as well. Only because we have retained 17 daughters and counting is she even for sale. It’s not very often you get a chance to buy a female that combines the pedigree, phenotype, and production as 609. Take advantage here. AI’D 01/04/2023 to LAR Man In Black. Safe.
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About Us

We were founded in 1912 by my great great granddad on 40 acres that is still in production. He mostly row cropped, but he did have a milk cow. The passion for cattle started with my grandmother Wilma Dean McClendon.

She worked a full-time job and oversaw the herd of commercial cattle. Jim and Jan married in 1972. Jim works in the steel fabrication industry producing products for air handling and air cleaning.

Jan is now a retired High School math teacher that now loves to run errands. Jan always loved cattle growing up and even had Polled Hereford cattle. Their son, Scott, started showing cattle in high school with the guidance of his Vo-Ag teacher.

Since that time, Scott graduated Auburn University with an Animal Science degree and sprinted home to do what he loves, Raising Cattle. Jim and Jan purchased adjoining land as it became available to expand the operation into what it is currently.

Today, we have 2 herds of Registered cattle, Angus and LIne One Horned Herefords. Along with the registered cattle, we have a herd of commercial cattle that are used for recipients in our ET program.

We concentrate on raising the best females that we can. We believe that a great cow raises the great bulls that in turn adds to the commercial cattleman's bottom line.

Even though we no longer plow with 2 mules (Mandy and Dutch), the hard work and commitment has remained the same as it was over 100 years ago.

To learn more about our operation, check our our top of the line Sires and Donors.

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